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::'''1614''', Walter Raleigh, ''The History of the World'', [http://books.google.com/books?id=9j7pI_EHRSAC&hl=es&pg=PA228 página №. 228]:
:::Hence it is , that all things created are commanded to praiſe God their Creatour and '''Directour''' : as, ''Praiſe him all yee his Angels : praiſe him Sunne and Moone,all bright Starres: heauens of heauens,for he hath eſtabliſhed them for euer & euer.
::'''1686''', William Wake, ''A Defence of the Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England'', [http://books.google.com/books?id=CDs3AAAAMAAJ&hl=es&pg=PR10 página №. 10]:
:::''That the'' Impreſſion ''was made with'' Monſieur de Meaux’''s Knowledge , if not by his expreſs'' Order, ''whoever ſhall conſider the circumſtances of'' Monſieur Cramoiſy ''who printed it , either as a Perſon of his'' Reputation ''and'' Eſtate ; ''or as'' '''Directour''' of the King’s Imprimerie ; ''or finally as'' Monſieur de Meaux’''s own'' Bookſeller ; ''will hardly believe that he would ſo far affront a'' Biſhop ''of his ''Church'', and one eſpecially of'' Monſieur de Meaux’''s intereſt and authority at that time at'' Court ; ''as to make a ſurreptitious'' Edition ''of a Book, which he might have had the'' Author’s ''leave to publiſh only for the asking''.
::'''1688''', William Camden, ''The History of the Moſt Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth'', [http://books.google.com/books?id=PV6t0sYd4a8C&hl=es&pg=PA438 página №. 438]:
:::In his Place was ſubſtituted Sir ''John Forteſcue'', an upright man, excellently well learned in Greek and Latine, who was a long time '''Directour''' to the Queen in her Study of the Liberal Arts and Maſter of her Wardrobe, and one that gave me Light in ſeveral things as I was writing this Hiſtory.